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Shiloh Residential Ministry

Helping women and children to overcome their struggles and stabilize their lives.

Family Love by a Mother and Her Two Daughters
Family in Park

Keeping Families Together

At Shiloh, we want to prevent children from having to enter the foster care system. We desire to bring stability to families in a Christ-centered setting. Our program offers single mothers the support and tools they need to lead stable lives and thrive.


  • Christian Discipleship

  • Mentoring

  • Structure

  • Goal setting and achieving

  • Parenting classes

  • Room and Board 

  • Transportation to appointments

  • Encouragement and support


Two Stage Program

We ask that our residents make a commitment to stay at Shiloh for at least six months.

Stage 1

For the first couple of months of our program, we focus on helping our residents heal, learn, grow, parent, and stabilize. Stage 1 residents have a lot of structure and requirements. They don't work or go to school so they can focus on their personal growth and their children. Because most of the women coming to Shiloh need to set boundaries between themselves and the people and habits in their lives that cause them harm, at this stage cell phone usage is limited.

Stage 2

Usually after two months at Shiloh, residents transition to stage two of our program. At this stage, there are fewer rules and more responsibility. Stage two residents typically go to school or get a job. Residents typically stay at Stage two until they are ready to move out on their own into a stable situation.

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